The New England Collection

Our New England collection marks the beginning of our journey as we depart from the pandemic that rapidly began to disseminate across Florida early in the year, which had Ana, my sister, and myself laid off from our jobs, a proceeding that although appeared to be a misfortune at the time, became a revealing and empowering opportunity of pursuing our purpose.


We took off with our belongings trying to get to a better, safer place, for us, New England 

Finding nature as our refuge ----woods, lakes, rivers, and ocean, with plenty of space to create and connect with what is essential. To us that means creativity and sustainability.

It is on this journey that our first collection is born.

Every piece is curated with the idea that fashion can be stylish, beautiful, sophisticated, and sustainable.

The New England collection lives in nature, therefore it's inspired by its colors, textures, and vibes.